Nightrider Bicycle Ride

Phone a representative from Classic Tours, the company that organises the Nightrider annual bike event on their general enquiries contact number 01279 506 432 in order to pay your participation fee and begin collecting sponsorship money for your charity.


About the Bike Ride Event

Nightrider is an open charity event that launched in 2007 and provides an opportunity for volunteers to participate in a 100km night bike ride in three major cities across the UK. Participants have the option of paying a £99 event charge before raising as much sponsorship money as possible for the charity of their choice or paying a £39 registration fee with the requirement of then raising a minimum of £175 for one of the Nightrider partners.


Fundraiser Enquiries - 01279 506 432

Phone Nightrider on their fundraiser enquiries contact number 01279 506 432 to discuss how to participate in the annual charitable bike ride. For instance, you can sign up to the event over the telephone so that a representative from Classic Tours, the event organisers, can send a fundraising kit to your home address. However, the minimum amount of money that you are committed to raise in the way of sponsorship is dependent on which application fee you pay. For instance, if you are paying the £39 registration fee then you will have to raise at least £175 for one of the Nightrider partner charities. Therefore, callers should use this number to ask which associated charities they are able to support with their proceeds. Moreover, callers should discuss the dates of the next annual bike ride and can also ask how to get involved if they are unable to partite on the specified date.

You should also phone Nightrider to discuss how to pay the money that you have raised for the charity once you have completed the bike ride, including asking which address to send your paying slip to. Callers should get in touch with a charity representative with any enquiries about Gift Aid so that they can successfully support their proceeds with the proceeds saved from tax.


About Nightrider Call Costs

The Nightrider general enquiries number contains an 01279 area code prefix meaning that callers will be charged the standard per-minute rate as any other local call made from a UK mobile or landline telephone but may be able to contact a representative for free if using any inclusive free minutes that have been offered by a telephone service provider as part of a tariff deal.


Nightrider Phone Numbers

Nightrider department UK Contact Number
Nightrider general enquiries (Monday-Wednesday) 01279 506 432
Queries about a Nightrider event (Thursday-Friday) 07874 623356


Write to the Organisers of Nightrider

If you would prefer to write to the charity organisers then you can make your enquiry via email or even send a letter to the Classic Tours Head Office on the following postal address:

Nightrider Enquiries,
Classic Tours,
12 Winchfield Way,
WD3 4DN,
United Kingdom.